• African and global business leaders gathered for the Initiative for Global Development’s Spring Frontier 100 Forum on May 13-14, in Nairobi, kenya.


    Under the theme, “Engines of Growth: Powering African Companies to Create Employment and Accelerate Development”, the forum focused on how African companies and multinational corporations can drive job creation and capitalize on today’s business environment for growth.

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  • What is the Frontier 100 Forum?

    The Frontier 100 Forum is an exclusive, invitation-only biannual event that brings together CEOs and senior executives from IGD’s Frontier Leader network to offer insight, collaborate, and advance initiatives in key sectors of Africa. The Frontier 100 Forum is an integral part of our mission to leverage business solutions to promote growth and alleviate poverty.


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  • 2015 Frontier 100 Forum: Washington d.c. 

    Under the theme, “African Business in the World-Class Space”, global business leaders convened for IGD’s Frontier 100 Forum, an exclusive, invitation-only gathering held from October 19-21, in Washington, DC.


    We kicked off the Frontier 100 Forum with a panel discussion, co-hosted with our partner Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa. Members of the public and private sector discussed the impact of Africa's infrastructure on agriculture, business growth, and job creation.


    Day one sessions

    Day One in Washington D.C. featured sessions on African businesses competing in the global economy, technological innovation, mainstreaming corporate social responsibility, and more.


    Check out our live blogs for recaps on the Frontier 100 sessions.

    Day Two Sessions

    The final day of the Forum was all about investment in Africa. Private equity investors and leaders in Africa's private sector engaged in conversations on how to increase both foreign and domestic investment on the continent.


    Head over to our Storify page for more on the #Frontier100 online conversations.

    Media Coverage

    For more news on topics discussed at the Washington D.C Forum, check out coverage from media outlets:




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    “We can have all the ideas, but until we turn them into action, it will always remain what it is. IGD provides a platform for actions to take place.”


    Austin Okere - Founder & CEO, Computer Warehouse Group (CWG)

    Entrepreneur in Residence, Columbia Business School

    CWG is a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company


    "IGD provides a way for people to share ideas and experience so that they can be bigger than themselves. The one-on-one learning process is very valuable."


    Teresa Barger - CEO, Cartica Capital



    "The role of IGD in Africa is very important, creating a platform where business leaders, who are competitive outside, can share experience and identify areas of synergy and collaboration."


    Farouk Gumel - Partner, PwC Nigeria


    To hear more from members of the IGD Frontier Leader Network, click here.

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  • For more information about the Forum, including registration and sponsorship opportunities, please contact

    Elaine Bole at Ebole@igdleaders.org

    This is an invitation-only event, reserved for IGD Frontier Leaders. To find out how you can join the IGD Frontier Leader Network, visit:



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